Monday, May 21, 2007

I have no hobbies. I've been in denial for quite some time as I have several "things" I like to do, but now I have to admit. I have no hobbies.

This less than earth-shattering realization comes as I find that all I do is work for my employer or work for my family. In the latter case, I'm usually cleaning something, fixing something, doing yardwork, etc. Perhaps I get some downtime to watch a few hours of TV, but I don't watch sports, ride bikes with friends, play poker with the boys, or take long walks on the beach.

There are things I like to do, but they are logistically challenging. I like hiking the best, but the way the heat hits here in SoCal, the summer months are challening. Then, the real challenge is getting permission to take off for half a day leaving the kids with Vic. She works all week too, so I feel guilty abandoning them. Damn I'm sensitive. ;)

She's not much better, but now she has the horse to dote on and to escape to (useless beast if you ask me, but she's the horse whisperer, not I).

So, what I am I going to do to escape this dilemma of work bracketed by work? You see, I'm not happy just working all the damn time. I'm tired. And, I don't like the resentment I feel againts the kids and Vic, especially because it's not their fault. Vic would let me bail if I had something I wanted to do.

I've always liked writing, and feel better for having emptied my thoughts. So, when I find that I have nothing but work to do, I'll try writing. Why a blog? I've always resisted Blogs because they seemed exhibitionist, which isn't my thing. However, this is easier than other alternatives, and that's my thing.